It’s been a while hasn’t it? I knit slowly… I don’t like the things I start so I start other things… and nothing gets done. And I also feel guilty about all the different things I say I’ll knit for people. Like my mother’s birthday/Christmas gift (because her birthday is in December); I was supposed to knit her a lace stole… I’ve done 8 rows and I am sick of it. I hate tiny needles and tiny yarn and big projects. (I am not a good candidate for socks… too many stitches!)

However, in the recent contest held by Whiskers on WednesdayLisa W. won 2nd Prize which was a knitted snakey from my free designed-by-me-pattern, Henry’s Toy Snake (project link) [ravelry link]! I decided against pre-knitting the snakey, as Jessi (co-creator of Whiskers on Wednesday) and I had discussed the contest prizes in advance. I wanted to customize the snakey to fit with the winner’s cat’s colours because when my mother requested Henry’s snake, she requested it to match him. Henry being an orange tabby, I chose orange and white.

Lisa’s cat, Bella Blue (pictured here), has siamese colouring, so here is her snake (currently in the mail, slithering it’s way over to Bella Blue and Lisa in Alaska!):