It’s impossible to get pictures of all of Henry’s idiosyncracies, especially when my dad is behind the camera. But …as I sit here and type this and Henry takes up most of the chair and meows at me for not paying attention to him… I’ve tried to get some photos of the love that Henry gives on a daily basis.

He likes the Left Shoulder. He doesn’t like your Right Shoulder… don’t try that. And he loves to nudge at my ponytail and chew on the elastic. He’s not interested in elastics that don’t have hair in them. Unfortunately, my dad couldn’t get a good photo of him chewing my hair:

Henry also loves to give kisses. If you let him, he will clean your face — from your ears, to your eyelids, to even your teeth and tongue. Who needs a toothbrush when you’ve got my weirdo cat?! I let him kiss my face, but when he gets a little too into it, or his tongue hurts from the roughness, I make him stop. Here he is giving me my daily kisses (note me keeping my mouth firmly closed):

Whiskers on Wednesday