The 2nd Canadian Book Challenge is hosted again by John of The Book Mine Set. I didn’t know about it the first time round, but now I plan to participate … and I have just the set of books in mind!

The Rules:

  • Read 13 books by Canadian authors or about Canadians (represents the 13 Provinces & Territories)
  • Between July 1, 2008 and July 1, 2009 (Canada Day)
  • Choose from one of the categories (or The Free Spirit — any 13 Canadian books)

My category: The Prize Pack & The Provincial/Territorial because at my summer job, also in the office is the BC Book Prizes. This means that there are many books at my fingertips to borrow (and take good care of)!

  1. finished July 4, 2008 Porcupine by Meg Tilly (YA Fiction)
  2. finished July 15, 2008 Conceit by Mary Novik (Fiction)
  3. finished July 6, 2008 The Alchemist’s Dream by John Wilson (YA Lit)
  4. The 100-Mile Diet: A Year of Local Eating by J.B. MacKinnon & Alisa Smith (Non-Fiction)
  5. finished July 22, 2008 Forage by Rita Wong (Poetry)
  6. Hannah Waters and the Daughter of Johann Sebastian Bach by Barbara Nickel (Children’s Lit)
  7. [quit. I wasn’t enjoying it.] Adam’s Peak by Heather Burt (Fiction)
  8. finished August 17, 2008 A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier by Ishmael Beah (Non-Fiction)
  9. Kat’s Fall by Shelley Hrdlitschka (YA Fiction)
  10. The Reservoir by Eric Miller (Essays)
  11. Miss Smithers by Susan Juby (YA Fiction)
  12. Safe House by James Heneghan (Children’s Lit)
  13. White Girl by Sylvia Olsen (YA Fiction)

BONUS: Steve Zipp is sending me a copy of Yellowknife, his novel! I’m very excited to receive this and to add it to my challenge… it just doesn’t fit into the categories I chose, so it’s a BONUS!