Wow! That took a lot longer than I anticipated. Sorry for the delay everyone! I really wanted to customize the prizes slightly and to do that, I had to draw the winners… and then after customizing the packages, I needed to take photos for this post. Time consuming — not to mention I went out of town for the weekend. Anyway, onto the good stuff:

When I began the contest, I had…

  • approximately 550 comments
  • around 10-30 hits daily
  • 1,000 posts!

On the day the contest started, July 5th… I only had one entry to my contest, because I literally begged Michelle to enter. Thanks Michelle!

  • I had 16 entries on the second day
  • My blog hits spiked to 384 hits on July 8th
  • I began getting anywhere between 20-60 hits a day after July 10th
  • I now have 1,026 posts!

Neato Contest Stats

  • Over 120 individuals entered the contest
  • In the Knitters Category: 176 entries (including ping-backs & additional comments and suggestions)
  • In the Readers Category: 159 entries (including ping-backs & additional comments and suggestions)
  • In the Pets Category: 109 entries (including ping-backs & additional comments and suggestions)
  • The person with the most entries: Jessi (so many comments from June & July when she didn’t even know there was a contest! Awww!)


WINNER: Wendy (of A Day in the Life of Wendy). I tried to crawl her blog (no Ravelry profile!) to find out her interests, but in the end I had to take a stab in the dark. I hope she likes it, the yarn has mohair in it and that case is great for knick-kancks… take a look:


WINNER: Julia (of Julia BC)! This is so crazy that the Random Number Generator picked Julia because I picked up one of the prizes before going to a knitting meetup. I showed the knitters the book I found and told them not to tell. Ironic!

I initially put together a package centered around the novel I picked out. I read Chocolat a couple years ago and enjoyed the story (I love the movie) and the novel focuses more on character development than the plot line. It’s a bit of a romantic movie, but the book can get emotional (hence the tissues). Here’s what Julia will be receiving:


WINNER: Wendy aka Literary Feline! I was planning to customize it for whatever pet the winner had (as some people said they had dogs, cats, bunnies, etc… but I think it’s quite obvious what she’ll be getting; cat goodies (and something for herself too!):


  • 48 people wagered a guess
  • The lowest guess: 97 by Gladys
  • The highest guess: 3,033 by Alisia
  • Actual comments by the time the contest was finished: 801 comments total!
  • WINNER: Trish guessed 775 comments! Congratulations Trish! You win the “Random Guess” category!!

The Prize is lots of various goodies: A gorgeous box, a silly cross-stitch project, stationary, and pampering goodies! Take a look: