Today was the Keynote speech (click here to see the video) from Steve Jobs of Apple at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2008 in San Francisco. The rumours about the release of the third-generation iPhone were confirmed, as well as inklings that a Canadian release would also be announced.

As detailed in the press release by Apple, the Canadian release (as well as 70 other countries) for the iPhone is scheduled for July 11th. As some of you may know, Apple wanted the iPhone to be locked to one provider, but here in Canada it will be available through Rogers and Fido!

According to Apple Canada’s Hot News Feed, Apple has also announced Mac OSX – Snow Leopard (I’m still on Tiger). They are also transforming the .Mac services into the MobileMe services in an effort to put accessability on your email, contacts, and calendar through personal-handheld devices via WiFi (to my understanding).

ETA: OMG I just finished watching the Keynote Speech video posted on the Apple website and I want everything! I wish I was some high-powered executive so I could justify buying an iPhone. I lovelovelove the MobileMe Demo! I want it … I mean I wanted a .Mac account, but now I reeeeally want a MobileMe account! Also, I didn’t even mention the Apps. You have to look at the Apps Store demo in the video. Amazing games and programs and accessibility very similar to iTunes!