… he gets stuck up trees. Yea, you heard correctly – plural: trees. Unfortunately for my gorgeous Henry, he’s not very bright. We believe that he may have some “rag doll” breed in him. However, this is difficult to prove as rag doll cats are determined by their papers and their pedigree. Henry was a rescue-kitten, so we really have no idea what he is/was. Heck! They assured my mom he was a short hair – then he exploded into a fur ball. I’m not complaining.

But now, after a year of being an indoor cat, my mother has decided that he needs some fresh air. So, she bought him a harness and a lead. My mother ties his lead to various stationary objects in the vicinity, and allows Henry to roam around under supervision.

He would rather play with his lead…

Or just sit inside in the sun with the doors open. This is his favourite thing to do while his harness is on.