Why is your cat named “Sir Henry McSquishington Fluffybutt”?

Sir — because he is truly a spoiled prince
McSquishington — a nod to our “Scottish heritage” as well as describing his best trait: being squishy
Fluffybutt — pretty self explanatory… it’s super fluffy!

But why “Henry?”

Well, when we first got him, as a kitten, he looked like this:

And I was obsessed with Paul Newman (still am) who looked like this:

Well Paul Newman is just so handsome with his gorgeous blue eyes, and his manly-yet-impish grin, and the kitten had blue eyes too!

I suggested Henry and it fit all the requirements:

  • Mom wanted a boy kitten. Check.
  • Dad wanted 2 syllables, ending in an “EEEE” sound. Check.
  • My sister named the last cat. (Not that that was really any reason why I picked this name, but a number of names floated around).

But wait! Shouldn’t that mean his name is “Paul”?

No silly! Henry Gondorff was Paul Newman’s character in The Sting – my favourite Paul Newman film!