The Government of British Columbia is giving BC residents a $100 rebate on the carbon tax instigated earlier this year.

Earlier this year The asked us “How will you spend your $100?” The response was interesting, to say the least, and many people will be using it for personal items that they may have bought anyways. The Tyee also asked people to send their ideas in of what we could do with the cash (approximately 440 million combined).

To encourage response, The Tyee turned it into a contest. There is now a website called “Green Your Campbell Cash” which is promoting Green Initiatives for people to pool their $100 rebates.

Personally, I haven’t decided how to spend my $100, but I will definitely be putting it towards something bigger. I have had some ideas while thinking about the future of this city, and eventually moving into my own home. I plan to attend a “Climate Cafe” which is a proposed event to discuss the potential of the Green Your Campbell Cash initiative. What will you be doing with your $100 carbon tax rebate?