May 24th, 2008 marked the opening of Apple’s 5th store in Canada, and the first store on the West Coast. It’s downtown in Pacific Centre and the first 1000 people through the doors that morning got a free tshirt. I didn’t head to the opening as it would just be too busy for me, and it was a mere 3 days after CW arrived in Canada (personal priorities).

I’m really glad there is an Apple store in the area. You have no idea how amazing it was in London and Manchester to just be able to head to an Apple store for gear, advice, or just to browse. I wish it had come sooner! I wouldn’t have had to wait for my Macbook and had all that run-around with the shipping. (Not to mention all that unpleasantness with my iPod and silly Future Shop!) I’ll have to make it down soon to the Genius Bar as I hope to ask some questions about upgrading my memory on my MacBook. I’ll let you know how my first visit goes!

Also in the news, June 9th is WWDC 2008 — the Worldwide Developers Conference. The event will take place on June 9-13, 2008 in San Francisco, CA at Moscone West. A majority of the keynote speech by Steve Jobs is expected to be about the next version of the iPhone (when is expected to be unveiled….and possibly even available in Canada).

(Photo by John Biehler found via Flickr)