In the past couple hours I’ve been blog surfing and stumbled across a couple 24-hour BLANK-a-thons. I really want to participate but I’ve got a lot of personal stuff up-in-the-air right now and I don’t want to commit to something I can’t follow through on. So I’m mulling over joining the Read-a-thon (to promote Reading is Fundamental), and the Blog-a-thon, where you blog for your choice of charities.

The Read-a-thon is a 24 hour reading marathon with “readers” and “cheerleaders”. You blog at intervals that suit you, and keep the world updated with how your read-a-thon is progressing. The Cheerleaders have mini-giveaways and generally keep people motivated! You don’t have to stay up for 24 hours, the organizer, Dewey, encourages you to modify the guidelines to suit your own schedule: it is meant to be fun. I really like this concept, but I believe that the Reading is Fundamental Organization is a USA-based (national) program. If I participated, I don’t know what I would do… Canadian organization? Worldwide organization? No pledges for me?

The Blog-a-thon is technically on haitus for this year, and will be back in 2009. But a Vancouver blogger named Miss 604 (Vancouver’s original area code) is planning to run an “unofficial” blogathon. The original concept was for bloggers to post every 30 minutes for 24 hours (ikes!). If I participated I would probably commit to blogging once an hour for 24 hours (a little more realistic). However, since it isn’t even officially on, I might just wait until next summer when I may have a little less “personal” stuff on my plate.

ETA: I just did some surfing and found out abut Book Aid International. All donations go to promoting literacy in developing countries. If I participated in either ‘thon, I’d probably do it promoting Book Aid.