1. The internet — Instantaneous answers, anywhere in the world, anytime of day. Amazing!
  2. Cell phones — Constantly in contact. Easy to get a hold of everyone.
  3. Can opener — I hate those old-fashioned bottle-opener kind. Can’t work ’em.
  4. Scissors — Have you ever tried cutting paper with a knife? I wouldn’t recommend it.
  5. Tape dispenser — the ones with the serrated edge. Scotch tape is impossible without a serrated edge.
  6. Showers (Indoor plumbing) — I hate having baths. I call them “stewing in your own filth”.
  7. Tupperware — I love having leftovers. None of the work and all of the taste!
  8. Washing Machine (and Dryer) — they go together, as a unit… and I love them! Some of my clothes (sweaters, nylons, etc) I have to wash by hand and it is so time consuming! I love the washer & dryer.
  9. The Printing Press & now Digital Printing — I got to learn all about the Publishing Process in my last program and it was really fascinating how far we’ve come and how widespread the written word really can get!
  10. Airplanes — I wouldn’t ever get to see my boyfriend in England if there were no airplanes. Heck, I never would have met him!