Three Things That Scare Me

  • People touching/holding/grabbing my toes
  • Small spaces (claustraphobia)
  • Flying (nervous more… but I get motion sick)

Three People Who Make Me Laugh

  • EC
  • RR
  • CW

Three Things I Love (things not people)

  • Cats
  • Vegetables with cheese sauce
  • The smell of fresh cut grass

Three Things I Hate

  • Cell phones dying
  • Long distance (relationships, phone call costs, etc)
  • The cost and time it takes to snail mail things

Three Things I Don’t Understand

  • Love & matters of the heart
  • Utterly completely selfish people
  • Doing things you hate… why bother?

Three Things On My Desk

  • Computer & printer
  • Lamp
  • Stationary & writing utensils in a plastic desktop organiser

Three Things I’m Doing Right Now

  • Watching the neighbours (girls I babysit) come home
  • Twirling my hair (really bad habit)
  • Drinking tea (really tasty habit)

Three Things I Want To Do Before I Die (only 3?!)

  • Drive across Canada
  • Get married & have kids
  • Publish a book

Three Things I Can Do

  • Code websites
  • Knit
  • Talk ;) (and talk and talk and talk and talk and type and type and talk)

Three Things I Can’t Do

  • Touch my toes
  • Turn a cartwheel
  • Math in my head

Three Things I Think You Should Listen To

  • Your stomach
  • Road/traffic signs
  • Weezer (my fave band)

Three Things You Should Never Listen To

  • Your enemies
  • Other people when they have their own interests at heart and not yours
  • Awful music (subject to interpretation – to each their own)

Three Things I’d Like To Learn

  • How to turn a cartwheel
  • Editing (more)
  • How to not be anxious-worry-wart

Three Favorite Foods

  • Pad Thai
  • Sushi (all you can eat preferably)
  • Vegetables! (I’m a vegetarian you see!)

Three Shows I Watched As A Kid

  • Mr. Roger’s Neighbourhood
  • Mr. Dress-Up
  • The Friendly Giant

Three Things I Regret

  • Writing on the fronts of my baby pictures in Sharpie
  • Not learning from my Grandma to knit (she passed away when I was 7)
  • Spending so much time doing nothingness on the computer.

I forget who I stole this off of… my blogroll on Shrook has grown. I’m also not going to tag anyone… but if you do participate pretty please leave a comment! I’d love to come read yours.