I got a notice when I woke up yesterday that a package was delivered but I never answered the door. Unfortunately I couldn’t head straight to the Post Office, Do Not Pass Go… because on Friday night the hot water heater broke. Saturday morning when my parents left for Mexico, my mom got a hot shower, but my dad’s went cold by the end.

When I got to the shower Saturday afternoon, the water was freezing and wouldn’t heat up. I had to call the plumbers and schedule them to replace the boiler with a new one. They tried to explain how to turn the gas and furnace off to the boiler so I wouldn’t die… I turned off the wrong ones and didn’t realize it (until they came to replace it on Monday). Anyway, so Monday afternoon they got here about 1pm and were downstairs installing the new boiler for 2 hours and I was stuck, and stinky, and wanted my parcel!

So as soon as they finish, I hopped in the shower and then I scooted on down the Post Office with my slip and picked up the package. I was expecting a package from CW with a few things that I left in England (due to baggage weight) but it was from Ruth!! What a lovely surprise!!

Henry loooves these packing peanuts!! He started munching on them and tossing them about and batting them across the floor. I just have to make sure my silly kitty doesn’t choke on them.

Look at this!!

Not only did Ruth include the prizes from winning her blog contest, but she also included some extra goodies (yes I already started to rip into the tea strainer). The tea (I missed the label) is Murchie’s Apricot and I cannot wait to try some. Ruth also sewed the tea cosy (that’s my mom’s tea pot… her colours).. she asked me my favourite colours and patterns… and what a dead gorgeous blue paisley it is!

The yarn is Seacoast Handpainted Yarns from Brentwood, New Hampshire; 100% superwash merino wool, 560 yards — any suggestions for a non-socker? I was thinking a lovely lacey-scarfy-wrappy thing. I wonder if I could RavelSearch “lacey scarfy wrappy thing” and get any results… lol. The colourway is Chocolate & Caramel and although I’m not one for variegated yarns (I have bad luck with pooling) I’m really intrigued by these colours… yumm it’s more like Coffee & Caramel cause you’ve got latte colours in there… yumyum.