As corny as my post’s title is, this week’s Booking Through Thursday question is:

Who is your favorite Male lead character? And why?

Why do I always have to pick favourites? Can’t I just talk about a Male Lead I like? I refuse to pick favourites because I can never remember who I like and why. I read books for pleasure and don’t tend to store them in my long-term-memory. In fact, I don’t store much in my long term memory… I’m not even sure I have one. However, I present:

Richard Rahl of the Sword of Truth Series by Terry Goodkind is an amazing Male lead. He has the Gift (which means he is a Wizard), but doesn’t know it (in the first book) and his Grandfather (who he didn’t know was his grandfather) is actually one of the most powerful wizards still alive and his father (who raped his mother) is actually the most powerful tyrant of D’Hara (but Richard doesn’t know that is his father either). So he really comes into his own in these books, although he never gets to properly learn how to be a Wizard (unlike Harry Potter, it’s not that simple) and he ends up meeting Kahlan, the most beautiful woman (and he doesn’t know until later that she is one of the most powerful women in the world, Mother Confessor, and the last remaining Confessor).

In fact Richard doesn’t learn a LOT until later… He is thrown into a war and a thickening plot of which he is the center of by birth; but because of how and where he grew up, he knows absolutely nothing. I think that is part of the appeal of this character, because he knows absoltuely nothing of what he is capable of he does it all by instinct. It’s actually amazing to watch his character develop over the series (11 books in total).

It’s a very complicated series, but the first book is Wizard’s First Rule and worth a read if you’re into fantasy!


This part is complicated so grab a cup of tea/coffee/cocoa and take a deep breath.

Richard Cypher (he doesn’t know he’s a Rahl until Book 2) knows nothing of the rest of the world (which has been partitioned by a wall for all of Richard’s life)… he lives in Westland has never heard of Magic (and the Westlanders like it that way). Richard’s mother used to live in the Midlands with Richard’s Grandfather (Zedd Zorander, First Wizard), but she was raped by Darken Rahl.

Zedd left with his daughter to Westland and then put up the walls to separate the lands as Westlanders didn’t want magic, the Midlands wanted to be free, and D’Hara’s current ruler, Panis Rahl was just evil. (Very complicated let’s not get into it… ancient magic and such). Panis Rahl (Darken Rahl’s father) was killed by Zedd’s Wizard Fire and Darken Rahl was burned with it. Darken Rahl wants revenge on Zedd and starts to play with underworld magic to rule the worlds.

Kahlan, as Mother Confessor, rules the Midlands (a lot of free lands under one rule) and D’Hara are at war (again) when the walls separating all three lands falls. Confessors have a “power” that if you are touched with it, you become their slave. You want only to please them and the rest of you melts away… Darken Rahl orders all the Confessors to be killed and Kahlan only escapes because she crosses the wall into Westland to find Zedd. It is only then that Richard learns all these crazy things about the world and his own family and self (very sheltered and naive boy you know). Of course, you need some romance in the books… Richard has already fallen in love with Kahlan but she is worried because when a Confessor makes love her powers come through and she destroys whatever the person was prior (making them purely devoted).

So you have wizards, evil, romance, history & revenge, ancient magic, underworld stuff, destiny, and destruction… and this is just the first book!


  • Wizard’s First Rule
  • Stone of Tears
  • Blood of the Fold
  • Temple of the Winds
  • Soul of the Fire
  • Faith of the Fallen
  • Pillars of Creation
  • Naked Empire
  • Debt of Bones (Prequel)
  • Chainfire
  • Phantom
  • Confessor