Q: What is your process when planning a project? Do you shop for yarn and then find a suitable pattern? Do you find your pattern and then go out to buy the yarn? Or are you stash-busting? If your stash is out of control, how did it get that way?

I am more of an idea > pattern > yarn kinda girl. Although my boyfriend’s grandma gave me a bunch of acrylic toy yarn and a booklet in the Winter of 2006. The only “stash” right now that I have is “pre-project”. So I have a ton of brown alpaca for my mom’s lace stole, I am also hoarding purple yarns for my blanket. There is some yarn back home that I just couldn’t resist (good deals) but for the most part, I don’t want a big stash. I want to buy gorgeous yarn and knit gorgeous yarn and not have this big stash looming over my head going, “Pay attention to me! I sit here and look pretty and feel pretty… you want to knit me. You feel guilty for not knitting me.”

Does anyone else’s yarn talk to them?