I know sign-ups haven’t even ended for the UK Swap, but they’ve slowed down so much and they end on Monday, so for the coming week there will be something happening! I’ve started Topics of the Week (thanks for the idea Anne & HollyWinter Wonderland Coffee Swap)

Q: With 2008 in full-swing, do you have any knit-years resolutions you are trying to keep to? Stash-busting? Knitting just for yourself? Gift-alongs or starting Christmas knitting early? Do your knit-years resolutions affect your other resolutions? Such as watching your spending, or putting yourself first, or even loosing weight (yarn weight….)?

I want to be a “fearless knitter” and try lace, and big projects which I’ve not been inspired to begin before. I do want 2008 to be “me” knitting, but I know that it won’t always end up that way. I want to finish what I start without leaving it to hibernate for too long. My knitting resolutions can sort of relate to my regular resolutions — I don’t want to leave things unfinished.