Is everyone else still recovering from the bump and jostle of the holidays? I have to admit, it’s just getting back to normal in my mind. I will also admit that it is currently 10 days into the new year and I have not even touched my knitting needles. *gasp. shock. fall over* I didn’t even finish CW’s present for Christmas. *sigh*.

Things can been continuing in Blogland though. I’ve been working on that “secret html project”. I promise that all will be revealed soon — hopefully by this weekend. I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t sign up for the Cocoa Swap, but I suppose organizing the UK Swap will take up enough of my time. Especially but the sounds of what Michelle has gone through. Cass has been pondering the act of knitting. I honestly hear people talk about “connecting to knitters and artisans in the past” but I don’t see it. I just don’t feel it. Sharon is on the mend, pneumonia is a biatch, ain’t it? Ooh is this starting to tread on Anne‘s Sunday Bloglines toes? Speaking of bloglines (it reminds me of RSS feeds) I am using Shrook quite competently… and I am always amused when it updates itself and checks something and then a new post pops up! It’s great. It’s like a blogger’s Christmas!

Speaking of swaps and whatnot… I finally found time to draw the winner and post it on the UK Swap blog with photos. Congratulations Knit-Knacker! Did you guys know that this is her first secret swap ever? What a way to begin… jammie! (For those of you not in the UK, sit back to a little story as I was told it: Jammie = lucky. Why “jammie”? Jammie-dodger is the biscuit, Roger-Dodger is from The Beano comics, and he’s very lucky, which lead to him being called “jammie. This is the story as CW told it to me. I don’t quite understand how the biscuits relate to it… but I just smile and nod.)