So here’s the full story: I have moved my blog from (formerly to my own domain with WordPress software (see: the difference between and Now comes the hard part – I’m usually very good with installations and troubleshooting, but I just didn’t seem to have access to some of the files necessary.

I kept getting “Is the parent directory writable by the server?” messages whenever I tried to upload something through WordPress. I looked on the Support Forums and then changed my file permissions which didn’t work. In the end, after downloading a number of “solutions” that didn’t work, I contact my host for my domain. They have been emailing me back and forth trying to get things sorted.

We successfully got all my posts imported!! The problem there was the max upload limit is 2MB by default and mine was close to 3MB. The silly part about this, is you can’t opt to export it as anything but a single file! Honestly… *sigh* Anyway, they told me to edit the max_upload_limit=2MB in a file called “php.ini”. Well there is no file of that name on my server and I wasn’t allowed to create it. So I contacted my host and they changed the max upload limit for me to 10MB so now I have lots of wiggle room.

The only thing that isn’t working is the Blogroll. You can import your links (not within their categories though) which saves me time recreating all the links I have in my sidebar. But all my categories have been uploaded — they come with your posts as well as comments, pages, tags, etc. It’s so handy!

Now I’m off to play with my CSS and themes! Did you know with you get to download your themes, and there are hundreds to choose from. You don’t have to keep them either, just remove them from your server and only keep the one(s) you like. Fabulous!

P.S. I want to have a “blogiversary” like everyone else. *pouts* However, I started blogging in 2001 on Deadjournal, then I moved my website off of Geoshitties (aka Geocities) onto someone else’s subdomain. So all the posts I made on Geoshitties and those two/three subdomains have been lost. So I decided that my blogiversary year shall be 2001, and the date shall be the date I moved here, to!