I didn’t realize but comments aren’t working yet. I must have played around tooooo much because they were working when I first uploaded the blog. Crap. Give us a minute — hold your thoughts!

[EDIT: 10:33pm]

I fixed it – it was related to Permalinks. Silly me. Warning to others: never play with those. No good will come of it… and your .htaccess file doesn’t like it much either.

Oh and don’t worry if the sidebar NEVER loads for you… I’m working on sorting those issues out. *le sigh* I think that I have too many plugins (which is stupid because I’m paying for my damn site and I want extras!) and that my wp-cache isn’t working properly. Is all this flying over your head? That’s okay. It’s smacking me off my feet too. Let me know if the sidebar loads for you… it seems to hate me.