I didn’t run after him, stop him, and meet him… but he walked past me on his cell phone on Argyll Street (he was headed towards Oxford Street) in Central London. WOW. It was actually him… no mistaking that face and those teeth!

Onto other things… went Yarn Shopping in London today. Bought a few gifts and went to Knit Night at IKnit London.



We went to Carnaby Street (which had the Shakespeare’s Head pub & restaurant) and then to Kingly Court (pictured below) to All the Fun of the Fair. They have some nice hand-spun, hand-dyed yarns that I’d never heard of before. But they also have a lot of random stuff – knick-knacks, buttons, vintage patterns, knitted paper chain, knitted tool with belt, knitted food. The whole store was decked out in cupcakes and cookies and hot cross buns… all of the knitted variety. They are all fair trade and knitted for the shop for sale.


We went to Liberty’s (opposite direction from Andy on Argyll Street), who basically have a monopoly on Rowan Calmer. I was looking for a bright red for Chelle (she bought me some “going away yarn” that became my hot water bottle cosy) but none of the reds were bright enough. They were too orangey. And Cass – the browns were all… just blehey. The lighter one was kinda greeny and the darker one was too dark. Hmmm I’m not impressed with Rowan Calmer selection, athough the Rowan Handknit Cotton had a really nice brown. Unfortunately what I did buy, cannot be shown off here… as the recipients are definitely readers and could probably guess what was for them.

I adore Artesano Alpacas – Aran line… yuuuummmm…. *drools all over it* (can’t find a link). I wanted the blue one and the dark purple (I already have the light purple for my blanket)… and I found a new yarn line called “Sublime“…. omg is IS just that! Softsoftsoft. I fell in love with the Angora Merino, is it any wonder why it’s soft? Again, I was drawn to the purple! I still need a few hanks for my blanket’s yardage requirements.

While I’m on the topic of yarn, did you know that Rowan’s Tapestry is 30% soybean?! Crazy! (70% wool). I also discovered Cherry Tree Hill, not my kind of yarn (read: socks), but it came in some really vivid colours. It hit that bright red I was looking for, as well as this really gorgeous fushia and a turquoise as well.

Coming home we always have to go through King’s Cross: