I found this on Chelle’s Blog (wow I’m doing a lot of stealing lately) and thought it’d be great fun to join in. Booking Through Thursday is a little more relaxed, you are not committing to doing it every week.

How much do reviews (good and bad) affect your choice of reading? If you see a bad review of a book you wanted to read, do you still read it? If you see a good review of a book you’re sure you won’t like, do you change your mind and give the book a try?

Sometimes good reviews get me reading books but I have to read the back of the book to see if it gets me interested. Usually it’s a personal recommendation – from a friend, which may or may not be a “good review book”. I love just wandering around the bookstore (I could for hours) and find books I want to read. For a while I was taken by the classics – Hemingway, Steinbeck, Dickens, Shakespeare – because they were so well-renowned. If I want to read something that got bad reviews, I will still read it because for some reason or another, it must have appealed to me but maybe not to the reviewer.

But I’ve never liked something just because it got good reviews, or was deemed a classic (hated Old Man and the Sea), although you can appreciate it on some level, for the writing, or character development, even if it didn’t appeal to you as a story. I actually decided to read “Johnathan Strange and Mr. Norrell” by Susannah Clarke because people seemed to be liking it so much. I will admit that I never finished the book because it was quite slow.