Last time when I went to I Knit, I saw Artegano… I’ve never seen it before and their “Hummingbird” line is 100% alpaca. YumYum! So I went back yesterday (Thursday) and was looking at the colourways… and if you know me and yarn, I really hate drastically-variegated yarn. I like more of a soft heathering effect. So I decided that the Hummingbird colourways were far too drastic for me, although they would make nice socks (with itsy bitsy stripy parts). However, I found Artegano Aran which is 50% alpaca / 50% wool. It’s very yummy too. And I got it in a lovely purple. I’m collecting a variety of DK weight purples to eventually make some sort of blanket. I haven’t decided on a pattern yet, but this is yarn #3.

Mmmmm yarn pr0n.

I also asked about Alan Dart’s Noah’s Ark pattern booklet because I’ve been searching for leftover copies of Simply Knitting 34. It had the free Noah’s Ark pattern booklet. When I asked about the price, the owner said, “You can have it. You can buy other things, but that you can have.” What a great store owner!

Nathan is here this weekend. He wants me to knit him a Giraffe. How lucky that their pattern is in Noah’s Ark!

(Please excuse the craptasic photos of the booklet)