So I’ve been playing with RSS Feed Readers for a bit. I have a bunch of blogs I like to read, and I wanted an easy desktop reader to keep up. I tried Bloglines (web-based) which I didn’t really like the layout of. It’s too much like their website combined with their RSS Reader. I’m on a Mac so I downloaded Shrook, but for some reason the Feeds weren’t registering. That might be my problem but the look wasn’t as clean as I’d have liked. It was laid out a bit like iTunes. I have been playing with NetNewsWire for the Mac and I like the feel, it’s like Safari (the web browser) so it feels like I’m just going to all my bookmarks. The only problem is NetNewsWire costs money and I’m on the trial version.

But I suppose my main issue is, to RSS Feed or not? I like visiting people’s pages and seeing their sidebar and the different layouts. It’s inspiring. But at the moment I’m keeping the links I like to visit on my blog, but there are some “testing” blogs that I visit on occasion just to see if I like them. And I feel like I need a more organized way of doing this. Should I give Bloglines another shot? I hear a lot of people are using it. I feel like I should give the freeware Shrook another shot.