Monday we went to see The Golden Compass. CW and I enjoyed it but agreed that it wasn’t very conclusive because it’s supposed to be a trilogy. I was sad there wasn’t more Daniel Craig.

I told CW about the knits that everyone is talking about. (Have you seen the hat that Cass made?) I was totally shocked when the Ice Bear’s bottom jaw got knocked off! You should have seen my face… I thought he was just gonna get a good smack, but then his jaw went flying.

I’d recommend seeing it, as it is good. But it was absolutely magnificent script-wise… I think they’re depending too much on it being a trilogy. The books felt more conclusive from what I remember when I was 12.

Afterwards we came home and prepped the house for CW & RH’s Christmas Party. I baked so much shortbread! It went over really well though — Coleen is apparently addicted to them. I still have some dough left in the freezer because I plan to make some for CW’s Grandad J. I was really worried they wouldn’t turn out… but they tasted great. You should have seen how excited I was when I pulled the first batch out on Sunday night. I broke a warm cookie in half and ran to CW in the living room and we shared the first shortbread of the season. It felt good. But I can’t share the recipe! It’s my mom’s secret!