Tacky eh? I’m going to comment and give you my take on the Ten Great Gifts for Knitters article in this week’s Knitters Review. I’m not putting the full article here, just the list and my comments. If you’d like to read Clara Parke’s full article, please visit the website with the provided links.

1: Something You Knit Yourself
This is true. It’s always great to make something for yourself. But if this is a hints-and-tips for the knitter’s family and friends then how does it work? I would suggest yarn or a gift certificate for yarn with the promise that the end product will be for the knitter.

2 and 3: Umbrella Swift and Ball Winder
Yes. And these are expensive! That would be well cool to have a swift and ball winder.

4: Needles
Nope. I disagree. I think that there are too many options out there and it’s such a shot in the dark. What if they only like Addi Turbos? Or they hate bamboo needles? How is someone supposed to know unless they actually pay attention with their friend-who-knits rambles on?

5: Darning Needles
This is like getting socks for your birthday. Sure, everyone needs them. But you want something more exciting for a gift. I still like the gift certificate idea for the non-knitters who are giving because they are acknowledging that you love to knit, they may know your favourite LYS, but they realize they don’t know your preferences completely.

6: Membership in a Yarn Club
I can see the logic in this. They send you goodies monthly, and there are some fabulous ones out there.

7: Armchair Adventures (books/magazine subscriptions)
This I like. If you get the book from a yarn store, the owners are going to be very helpful to a non-knitter purchasing for a knitter-friend. You can try and describe what they like to knit, or if you definitely know they like to knit baby clothes, or socks, or sweaters, the owners can suggest a number of great books.

8: Knitting Bags
I have enough… but more can’t hurt! Haha. I’d like a notions/needles case though. I haven’t got one of those. I keep my needles in a clear plastic bag (the kind that hold linens in the store).

9: Pampering Soaps and Potions
Yum. Yes. ‘Nuff said.

10: A Gift That Keeps On Giving (charitable donation)
This could work for any situation. The article suggests some appropriate ones for those knitters in your life.