After the Zoo on Friday, we went to make a reservation on the London Eye (Millennium Wheel) and later met friends on Oxford Street.

CW and I went on the London Eye the first year I came to England for Christmas. The photo we took that year on the Eye was horrible, and this year’s photo was not much better… I had toque hair and CW’s smile looked awkward. We both disliked the photo. However, I got Nay to take a photo of us with the wheel in the background all lit up, and that photo was quite nice (I left my toque on!).

Myself and CW

CW and NJ

County Hall

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. Westminster Abbey in the background.

Charing Cross Station (I believe)

Hungerford Bridge

St. Paul’s Cathedral in the background (looking east)

I took a video when we were at the top, I’ll try to upload it to YouTube (which hates me) and see if I can post it to the blog. I also took videos at the Zoo and the Natural History Museum but YouTube refuses to upload them.

When we got home, the cat that I call Handsome met us at the back door. I was calling him Beautiful for a while, but then CW told me it was a boy. I found out today (Sunday) that it’s actually Tobey. But his owners never take him in and he tries to run into our house often. Apparently the landlord warned the boys about Tobey. I want to keep him. He would snuggle me!