On Saturday, Harriet drove us all to Cambridge to have a look around. Harriet’s parents live near Cambridge and she invited us to have a look around the city centre. We drove to one of the shuttle bus stops (as Cambridge’s city centre doesn’t allow cars) and met her parents when we got off the bus.

Because of the lack of cars and abundance of students, there are a lot of bikes in Cambridge. Not only are there bikes, bike racks, and locks… but people often lock the wheels to the frame and then just lean the bike up against the wall unattended!

Once we’d walked through a couple of college campuses (we weren’t allowed inside or into the chapels) we headed towards the river. Apparently, all the colleges are on one side of the river, and then after the colleges are all the shops and markets.

Harriet’s dad and mum heading towards the river.

The river and Mathematical Bridge… it’s famous but Harriet’s parents didn’t know why.

You can go for punts on the river

There was an amazing fudge shop that we went to – Jim Garrahy’s Fudge Kitchen. At the time they were making a Chocolate Caramel Fudge and gave us a taste. It was absolutely amazing! They also had a sample of Traditional Toffee Fudge for us to try on the counter too. We went back and CW bought fudge for his Grandad JW who adores the stuff!

Jim’s Fudge Shop. Chocolate Caramel Fudge.

Where they cook the fudge.

We also went into a couple chocolate shops; the most amazing was Hotel Chocolat. You can buy these giant slabs of gourmet chocolate which are about the size of a piece of 8.5″ x 11″ paper! There were also little slabs, truffles, and chocolates in a variety of types of chocolate with a variety of fruit/nut/alcoholic additives.

We got a 3 packs of the smaller chocolates. I got Blueberry Bombe in White Chocolate (“Real blueberry tartness, perfectly balanced by the sweet white chocolate“), CW got a Costa Rica 38% milk chocolate slab (“A high cocoa milk chocolate with fruity overtones and a delicate smoky finish.“), and we picked a dark chocolate variety-truffle pack for CW’s mum for Christmas (“A selection of luxurious dark chocolate truffles“).