Today, after receiving my flu shot and commending my doctor on her ability to administer shots so well, I tidied the house in preparation for my Goodbye Party tomorrow. I’m basically having everyone – Idealites, Publs, Counsellors, – all over for a nice party.

For the party I’m planning to make my Hot Spinach & Artichoke Dip, Shrimp Dip, and Hummus. The Hummus is a new recipe so we’ll have to see how it turns out. The Shrimp Dip is a family recipe – tried and true. And the Spinach & Artichoke Dip was well received by my family (uncles & cousins) during my youngest cousin’s birthday dinner. It actually tastes exactly like the dip you get at Milestones! (Try the recipe yourself! But you might want to increase the servings – I made it for 10 and it went in 5 minutes)

Here’s some old news: CW bought this Tumbler Mug from Starbucks during the summer and we forgot to make the picture insert while he was here. So to surprise him I made the picture insert and put it into the mug. I was going to send this to him by mail about a month ago but he said he could wait and to just bring it with me in November.

WIP News: I was bad. I haven’t finished either scarf and yet I went to Three Bags Full a couple days ago to buy myself some Blue Sky Alpaca – Organic Cotton. I think I’m in love. This is the softest thing I’ve ever felt (even more so once you start knitting!). I’ve fondled it in the store but it is waaay softer when you start knitting with it. I cannot wait to tug my hat on over my ear and be cozy warm! I might be tempted to replace my current scarf (my first knit project for me) with a Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton scarf… but we’ll wait and see.

Mmmm yarn pron!