Michelle tagged me… and because this isn’t something everyone is going to want to read, *cough*parents*cough* I’m hiding it behind a cut. While others may be more amused adventurous. Oh and in my other defense, “Cass started it” (imagine whiny kid voice).

8 Gross Things You Wish You Didn’t Know About Me

1. I chew the insides of my cheeks. I do it when I’m thinking, when I’m reading, or when I’m not thinking… it’s like a really bad habit. I like the taste of blood when I chew my cheeks.

2. I bite the skin around my fingernails.

3. Henry must think either he is a human, or I am a cat. I get Henry kisses all the time. He first started by cleaning my face and my nose when he was a kitten. Now he enjoys licking my lips, teeth, and sometimes tongue. Most of the time I let him.

4. I bite my lips… and pull off the skin when they get chapped. I still use copious amounts of lip balm… but I pull the skin off to make them “smooth”.

I get reeeeeally motion sick. The next couple stories are related to that.

5. Last year when I was coming to England for Christmas, I was sick on the plane. Unfortunately it didn’t help that there was a lot of turbulence. I threw up a bunch of times in the airsickness bag as we were landing. The smell of the bag made me more sick, and threw-up more. There was a nice Scottish couple next to me and the woman was rubbing my back telling me it was okay. Then I had to catch a connecting flight from London Heathrow up to Manchester Ringway…. and I threw up again on this 1-hour connection flight both take-off and landing.

6. Last year when I was going home after Christmas, I felt so sick that I ran to the bathroom to throw up on the plane. You know how small those damn bathrooms are… well I couldn’t bend over comfortably to throw up in the toilet. So I ended up throwing up five times in the sink. Then I tried to push the little sink-stopper and my throw-up had clogged the pathetic little opening. I couldn’t get the throw-up out of the sink! I kept pressing the “call” button for a flight attendant and then I stuck my head out of the bathroom. I’m guessing every time I pressed the call button, the little ‘bing’ sound went off and that little light turned up… well when I stuck my head out, some guy asked “Do you need some help?” and I said I needed a flight attendant. When the flight attendant finally arrived, I told her about the sink and they had to put an “Out of Order” sign on the bathroom because there was nothing they could do in-flight. The flight attendant brought me 2 Gravol and a Ginger ale for the rest of the flight.

7. The first time I came to England was in 1999 on a family holiday. My favourite place was Trafalgar Square to feed the pigeons. We were here in March, so on my birthday my dad asked me what I wanted to do. I, of course, said Trafalgar Square. While we were there – on my birthday – a bird pooped on my arm. Apparently it’s good luck but I thought it was nasty.

8. Like Michelle, I used to like the couple days after tightening of the braces when you could clench your teeth and there was a subtle pain. I still do it with my retainers because I don’t wear them often. So when I do, that re-alignment pain when I clench my teeth is great.

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