Look what arrived in the mail for me today! This is from Maggie in Halifax.

I was so excited when I saw the alpaca! I am going to make myself a lace scarf ; I’ve never knit with alpaca before and it’s absolutely amazing. She must have read my blog well — I’ve been pawing the Blue Sky Alpaca whenever I go into my LYS.

I’ve got a cup of the Royal Blend right now… it’s lovely. It’s a delicate black tea blend that is perfect for my tastes. I think it’s got a hint of earl grey in there too. The disposable tea bags were amazing! I can tell how quickly I’m going to go through those. I’ll have to find more because before, loose tea was a hassle with the mesh tea-ball only fitting in the giant tea pot… then of course it gets cold before I can drink it all (even with a cosy).

The chocolate is very tempting and I want to share it with my boyfriend (he’s a chocoholic) but I almost don’t want to wait! The doily (which may actually be a face cloth) is so gorgeous! Maggie is very talented. I also can’t wait to try the Numi Morning Rise tomorrow morning!

(Photo on Left: Me being silly with the lovely felted tea cosy Maggie knit with Cascade 220)