I had such an awesome Halloween Weekend with my friends! We went to see some local bands at The Media Club downtown. Rio Bent and Fuzzcat opened the show (I don’t remember who went first) and got everyone pumped up.I’ve been hearing lots of good things about The Dreadnoughts and finally got to see them play. I loved them! They reminded me of the Dropkick Murphys. The Dreadnoughts had a fiddler and a mandolin player! It was just so awesome – they were a great Celtic-Punk banks! The lead singer, Nick, also has deep Irish roots. He’s really good about the ‘between songs chatter’; bit of humour, bit of info. Afterwards I went up and bought The Dreadnoughts’ CD (which I’m trying to import right now… evil iTunes).

The Furios were the headliners, who I’d seen at the Railway Club a while back. They’ve got a good punk/reggae sound but the trombone player does this kinda “trying to be sexy” dance between playing and she ends up being distracting/slutty-looking.

Now, you must dress up for Halloween:

I was a Spiderweb, inspired by the sheer spiderweb fabric.

My mom helped ‘curl’ my hair (which ended up limp about an hour later). But she also helped pin the spiders in my hair, and apparently she had nightmares about spiders that attached themselves to flies and could fly around the room and she couldn’t catch them to kill them. Awesome.

Glow in the Dark Spider nails! How awesome are those? They were so cheap they didn’t even last the night and kept falling off before I’d even had them all on. I ended up trying to hot glue gun them to my fingernails.

Even my Henry got into the Halloween spirit!

Here we are at the club: Laura as a dead girl (Wednesday from Addam’s Family/Corpse Bride character/Nightmare Before Christmas character/the-list-goes-on), Fiona as gothic/vampiress, Rachel as Death’s Mistress/Sexy Princess Death, Pam (Rachel’s housemate) as a sexy vampire, and myself as Spiderwebs.

The mandolin player from The Dreadnoughts was dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow!

The fiddler from The Dreadnoughts was so into it and having such a great time as well. It’s so awesome to see the band enjoying themselves too. [Edit: small world here… this is Jordana’s friend Kyle.]

Some guy at the club was dressed up as the Swedish Chef from the Muppets! How awesome is that?!

Laura’s friend Francis was totally into her dead nurse costume! It was so great – Rachel thought she was on something or drunk because of how into the part Francis got. She would take the stethescope and do this creepy-search-for-their-heart kind of thing. She was so great at it too and enjoying herself so much.