Debbie sent me to Boston, MA for the Knitter’s Virtual Vacation Swap. My cat, Henry, was quite intrigued with the new box (aka toy) as well as any tissue paper and plastic wrapping he could get his paws on! Debbie sent me some lovely gifts and then a card describing my visit.

The yarn is so soft and in such a gorgeous colour! I’ve no idea what I want to make, but probably something wearable because of how soft it is. She sent 4 balls of an Italian yarn; Lucente in Sky, 50% cotton and 50% viscose. Debbie also sent Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and lots of tea biscuits! I love McVitie’s (mm chocolate covered!) and I can’t wait to try the Boland’s of Ireland Rich Tea biscuits.

I can’t wait to look through the book for the Museum of Fine Arts, and the little notebook is perfect for my purse. I have a feeling I’m going to keep the Lobster Lollipop instead of eating him, he looks to friendly to eat. And my Boston Red Sox tissue box!

I can’t wait to go and see the East Coast properly one day. I showed my dad the package (he brought it upstairs after he signed for it) and he thought it was neat. I’m going to make sure to share some coffee/cookies with him!

Thank you very much Debbie! You did a great job of putting together a package for me to enjoy Boston!