I have issues with drastically-changing yarn. It always seems to create false patterns or the colours clump on me when I knit it… That’s why I frogged the Creamsicle colourway dishcloth I started for Anne’s Contest. (You should have seen me. I showed my boyfriend how much fun it is to unravel knitting, like a Loop Style gimp bracelet you just pull, and then I got myself all tangled up. He even paused Kingdom Hearts II to help me untangle myself.)

Anyway, I picked a more neutral yarn because if I want stitch definition, I need to pick a more solid-ish yarn… where as if I want a crrraazzy yarn, I better not get too picky about the stitches/pattern.

Pattern: Anne’s Untitled Dishcloth I.
My name for it: Labyrinth
Why: If anyone has seen Labyrinth (David Bowie, how could you not!), you know the end scene where he is admitting his love for Sarah, and how he turned time around for her, and took away the screaming baby, and he did it all for her… but all she does is run up and down the backwards/upsidedown/suspended staircases trying to find Toby. “You have no power over me.” Poor Jareth.
Yarn Used: Bernat Cotton. “Potpourri” colourway.
Needles Used: Metal 5mm (US 8) straights

How I Knit: Mixture of Continental and English and Lazyness. Here’s the story – when I learned to knit, my teacher taught all 29 of us at once. I did go back and knit more than the other students, but learning, I just did what was easiest to get the desired outcome. So I hold the yarn in my left hand (ala Continental), but I wrap the yarn with my hand (similar to English method)… and the Lazyness part is probably because of how I wrap the yarn… instead of holding the needles together in one hand while I wrap the yarn, I stick my left needle under my armpit. Super stupid/lazy/weird I know… But when I learned, it worked, and I can knit and purl like that no problem. Embarrassing.

On a more random note — this and this are gorgeous and I want to have them. I have no idea what I would make with either, but they’re pretty. I shouldn’t be looking at yarn I like, I need to find yarn for the Gothic Leaf Stole I want to knit for my mother’s birthday!

Some Good Quotes I Came Across:

“You know whats sexy? This yarn is sexy. No, seriously, look! Doesn’t it just scream, ‘feel me!’?”
“Sometimes Finished is better than Perfect.”