Desire to felt:

Felted clogs by Fiber TrendsSeeing Ingrid’s felted clogs (pattern & image here by Fiber Trends) inspired me to … umm… purchase the pattern! (See the pattern FO to the right) It’s going to be my first felted project. Also, I’ve never knit socks because once I knit one of something, I usually want to try something new.

The only problem right now is that the shipping is blinkin’ outrageous for just a pattern! I’m not paying $11 shipping for a piece of paper (aka pattern). So this weekend I’m going to check a couple yarn stores that aren’t quite local.

Ravelry Update:

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Random Henry Photo Break:

This is my Squishy bathing in the sun. It looks like he has no legs. His chubchub & fur covers him completely. (Note to CW: I said chubchub not fat. Henry is not fat.)

Ready for Vacation?

I’ve just finished up the Virtual Photo Tour I’m making, burned it to DVD, and now I’m ready to send off my KVVS Package. I’m still a little worried about the yarn… since it’s not her style… but I picked a pattern that calls for that yarn, and it looks like something she would want to knit. Cross our fingers!I’ve showed my parents and my friends… and my parents both said, “I hope you get some nice things back! You sure are spending sending off a lot!”

Random Sharing:

Take a look at this — Meditations on Meaning: Love Letters. I thought it envoked a lot of feeling. Definitely more “bloggy” than “professional” writing. Although I think this blogger is creative enough to do it professionally.