This is the package before it was to leave. My Henry was very interested in it and tried to run away with a skein of yarn at one point.

I’m so excited — Helene got her KVVS Swap Package!! I spoiled her Vancouver-style (minus the Starbucks because she doesn’t drink coffee). She lives in France, and she virtually vacationed here in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada! You can see all of her lovely discoveries on her blog post about receiving the package. I was very worried that she wouldn’t like the Hemp for Knitting by Lanaknits because she enjoys to knit with silk. But I knitted and washed a swatch to show her that it does become soft. Turns out, Helene bought some Hemp for Knitting last year but her swatch didn’t turn out so soft and she never knit it up. If anyone is knitting with hemp — the washing machine is your friend (not inside a pillowcase like felting).

Unfortunately at the post office I couldn’t send it in the box because it was too heavy. It was over the weight limit that I could afford so I had to put it in a bubble package and take out the Vancouver Magazine and a couple pamphlets. (Sorry Helene!) Oh and I couldn’t send my Squishy because I love him too much… and Helene told me she has 4 cats!

I’m so excited to go home every weekend…. thinking about the package that might be waiting there! I’m working out at a horse camp for children right now. My boyfriend and I have both been working here for years, and coming as campers (he is family) for many more. It’s where we met — here at Webb’s Holiday Acres in Aldergrove, BC! So on the weekend we go home to Vancouver to basically do laundry and sleep… and I open all my mail. Last weekend I received Visa bills and my Editors’ Association of Canada membership. I’m excited to be a qualifying member of the E.A.C.