Last night CW and I met up with some camp friends and we all went to see the Fireworks Finale at Kits Beach (photo above). Every year Vancouver hosts the HSBC Celebration of Light at English Bay. Basically it’s four nights of fireworks by three different countries. The last night is the Finale and then the winning country is announced. The countries were Spain, Canada, and China….. and the winner is… (drumroll please) ….. CANADA!

While walking to and from the beach, Tyler and Dan did an “Invisible Rope” stunt in the middle of the street. Basically they stand on either side of the traffic, and when a car comes up they pull up the invisible rope. They want the car to skid to a halt, thinking they have a real rope. It’s funny from a viewer’s standpoint, but from a driver’s standpoint – I’d stop for fear they were going to jump in front of the car!

In swapping news – I’m almost done touring my city for my downstream pal in the Virtual Vacation Swap. I want to take photos all over Vancouver and then make a Slideshow DVD for them! We learned how to make DVDs at school so I think it’d be a neat keepsake for digital photos.

KVVS Scavenger Hunt – I’m knee deep in it!

Also, as you can see from the Questionnaire below, I joined Knit1Tea2.