Vacation Swap

Leah and Jane C. tied at winning Blackout Bingo. Here’s my card:

In other news, I’ve bought the yarn for my Secret Pal and I’ve knitted up a swatch for them. I also bought a pattern that calls for the exact yarn I got them. I’m a bit worried and quite nervous because the yarn they like is a little out of my price range, so I thought I’d give my Secret Pal something different to try.


I made these earrings for CW’s Aunty J. Her birthday was July 9th, but she just arrived in Canada last Friday. Her favourite colour is green and the crystals are Swarovski. I thought that the gold accented it nicely.

I buy most/all of my supplies from Country Beads here in Vancouver. My sister got me hooked when she taught me how to make my first pair of earrings. You can check out everything I’ve made at my compilation website entitled, Crafty Creations (which just got an updated layout)!

I’ll be updating Crafty Creations soon and adding these earrings to it. I feel like I’ve been abandoning that website lately… I guess it’s just a less “bloggy” version of my blog! It has (almost) all my projects, just condensed.


My side project for quite a while has been the Reversible Scarf for my BF. Well, as you can see in the picture (left), the yarn was making weird patterns in the scarf.

The reason I settled on this yarn was because of how soft it was, but it wasn’t looking very nice which totally cancels out how soft it may be. I should have known — the baby blue in it was far too different from the other blues, and the dark blue had no transition into it. In the photo the baby blue practically looks white.

I posted on the Knitter’s Review Forum to see what they thought, and most of them agreed that if I wasn’t happy with the project, I shouldn’t continue.

So I frogged the entire scarf – I’ll use it for something else. Maybe one of my friends will get pregnant; it would make a cute baby blanket. (Just joking – my friends are much too young to be considering motherhood).

Anyway, CW and I went to Dressew, and he picked out a yarn that is much more neutral and subtle in it’s colours. I’ve been knitting it up with the same stitch and it’s looking pretty good.

(And it’s on my favourite pair of metal needles — I agree with Anne, I’m a metal-needle knitter).

Laurie L. was right, Ravelry is going to drive me crazy. I do have a huge stash and a bunch of UFO’s (more like multiple projects at any given time). I wonder, will Ravelry help inspire me to actually finish one of them? I think it’s because I have maybe 3 on the go at once, so I jump back and forth and it seems like I don’t make much progress. (Check how antsy you are to get your Ravelry invite).

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