Congratulations Amy T., who won the first round of Virtual Vacation Swap Bingo. I was so bummed though! Look at my card… I almost had a vertical line.

But I’m pretty excited for Round 2 of Bingo. We are aiming for a BLACKOUT, that’s when all the squares on the card have been called/covered. I’ve picked some new locations (as the list was updated and hopefully complete)… But I’m not showing my Round 2 card yet! Maybe at the end, for now it’s a secret!

What did everyone else’s Bingo Cards look like?

So the iPod Nano Sock is going okay. I’ve cast on 12sts… but I’m always get anxious about the ends, I’m so bad at weaving them in. Knitters – any suggestions? Also, unlike a dishcloth, the NanoSock is much too small to knit a pattern into it. Any suggestions for how I can make it more interesting? I was thinking of just using an embroidery needle and stitching a little symbol or something in.

Also – I posted this on the Knitters Review Forum, but, if any knitters have/know of a sock-booties pattern similar to my existing (dying/dirty) booties, I would be eternally grateful.