BF is a chocoholic… yet he gives up chocolate for Lent (back in March/April). Lent finishes on Easter Sunday, ensuing a binge of chocolatey-goodness. I believe this is where the statement, “Egg-shaped chocolate tastes better” comes from. So after Easter, when the chocolate went on sale, I bought a few different eggs. Well, BF arrives on Sunday — and I dipped into the Chocolate Stash!! … the caramel in the Rolo Egg had kinda hardened… making it more like a chewy-soft-caramel because the packaging wasn’t quite airtight. Despite it not tasting like a Rolo, it was quite good. Haha… I broke the news to BF earlier today. (I saved the Turtles Egg for him.)

In other Confessions… I haven’t been knitting. I want to get some 100% cotton yarn for a Roman Top I’m planning on starting. But I saw the cutest watermelon dress yesterday on Laurie K.’s blog. It’s moments like that I wish I had a little daughter… and then I remember I’m only 19 and just wish I could borrow a daughter to dress up and buy cute clothes for! My poor future-daughter is going to have soooo many photos of her in cute little outfits in the backyard or something! …. my poor friends who will have to coo over the many photos… (Oh they’ll coo for real at first, but it’ll get old after the first few hundred photos.)

I’m not creepy… just amusing.