I feel that putting this logo here is necessary because of how many utterly confused looks I got when I told people about the “Virgin Fest”. Virgin – Atlantic, Mobile, Megastore… “From England with love” … THAT Virgin. Trust me, there wouldn’t have been a beer garden if it was for virgins only. And there was a “live txt” screen sponsored by Motorola and Virgin Mobile — lot of pregnancy announcements on there… but if you want to get detailed, I’m sure the 8 – 13 year old Killers fans were virgins.

Anyway, so this is the first year that the VFest has come to Vancouver. Usually Toronto is the only Canadian date. It’s been occurring in the UK for something like 7 years. It consists of two days (separate admission tickets) and features multiple bands on multiple stages (one main stage). I’d describe it as a ‘more mainstream festival, about a third of the size (band-wise) as Warped Tour, yet at the same venue.

Sunday, May 20th, pouring rain, featured Muse, Rise Against, Billy Talent, and My Chemical Romance (among a lot of openers and smaller-stagers). Monday, May 21st, shining brightly, featured Metric, Hot Hot Heat, AFI, and The Killers. Yes… I went on Monday! (*does a little AFI AFI AFI dance*) I saw MCR on the Taste of Chaos Tour with The Used a couple years back. (P.S. The Used are on Warped Tour this summer.)

SIDE NOTE: Huge kudos to the organizers who promoted recycling of all materials during the festival. (Only odd thing is all the foam hands… but I suppose they biodegrate.) Flick Off had a booth there, and you could win all sorts of swag by bringing in your bottles throughout the day and keeping tally.

AFI was aaammmaazzzzing (as always). Davey is a little stage drama queen and I LOVE IT! Hahah the stage show is half the reason for actually going to concerts. The other half is the music OF COURSE… which is why I was a little disappointed with The Killers. The live show sounded exactly like the album; not necessarily a bad thing… but you don’t go to a show to hear the album. And Brandon and the boys weren’t really being very interesting. Eka (who I went with) said that she felt the same way, and wasn’t too impressed with Hot Hot Heat’s stage show either. Metric was pretty good live, I’d definitely buy their CD if I was hearing them for the first time there.

Davey’s nails were so pretty, his new hair is amusing. I’m so glad Jade’s hair is the same… and Hunter shaved his head!! Adam – same as always. I was super surprised through that Davey wasn’t wearing something glittery. I’ll never forget when I saw AFI for the first time at the Commodore Ballroom with Anna and she pointed to Davey and said, “his lips sparkle.” And she sounded sooooo dumbfounded by it. Best moment ever.

Can’t wait for AFI to head a tour of their own – then they’ll play more of their old stuff, not just Decemberunderground and Sing The Sorrow. As with most Festival/Tours… it’s always leading up to the closing band. Because The Killers are bigger right now (airtime) than AFI, even though AFI has been around longer… it felt like AFI opened for The Killers. I would have been rocking out at the front if so many little children hadn’t staked out at like 1:00pm for The Killers at 8:30. I like grabbing some security railing, not moshing; because I’m short, I can just jump and watch the band and sing along. That’s the best. I remember seeing New Found Glory open for Green Day. I was up at the very front singing along with every song and the bassist, Ian, reached over and handed me his bass pick. It was awesome. (Speaking of New Found Glory – they’ll be at Warped ’07 also…)

Anywho – go see AFI live if you ever get the chance. Once The Killers get some more CDs behind them, they should develop a more interesting show. I suppose it’s difficult only having two CDs to work from.