Henry got stuck up a tree again. The one by the garage. I got up on the garage roof because we couldn’t see him from the ground. He was actually quite high up and there was no way I was going to be able to reach him. We had to leave him up the tree over night. This morning my mom found him hiding in the bushes in the back alley. CW was right – he would find a way to get down. He told me that cats always do – eventually they come down because they’re either a) hungry, or b) have to use the litter box!

My mom’s concern was raccoons and coyotes. But I told her that he’s about the size of a raccoon, and they are scavengers so Henry wouldn’t be an interest. And with him being stuck up a tree, coyotes aren’t a concern because they can’t climb trees. Besides, it was in our backyard. My only concern is I think that Henry poked his eye with a branch because he’s squinting in one eye. If he’s still squinting in a few days I will take him into the vet to make sure that nothing is stuck in there and getting infected.


So I’ve been slowly knitting CW’s new scarf – yea it’s my side project. It’s a super simple stitch, and it’s reversible which is nice. I found it as a free pattern here. It’d be great practice for a beginner who wants to learn k2tog and yo.

I was worried about the baby blue in the yarn, so I asked him if he’d prefer a yarn thats also a variegated blue, but a little less contrasty than the one I’m using. He said he really didn’t know because it’s difficult to picture what hasn’t been knitted yet, so I decided to stick with my choice because its sooooo soft, which is super important to me for scarves.


So I’ve got the linksys router back and set it up. Things are great in that department. The problem though is still with the external hard drive and my iTunes music. The Tech Guy thought that I wanted all my music “restored” to my iPod. Nope! I sent along my iPod so he could see that I actually do have 3000+ songs. I know I was super angry before, but I’ve decided to cut him a little bit of slack. Apparently he’s also doing it for free.


So we’re into the second week of school… the Advertising class wasn’t as dry this week. It’s still a little too long for my liking. At Ideal Mini we had to learn to work in 50 minute classes and cover a lot of information in a short period of time. It was such a change when we took a class up at Churchill in 90 minute blocks. To be honest, it’s all about your attention span.

Anyway, the advertising class just seems a little too long for my liking. We do a lot of interactive stuff which is nice – the instructor expects us to read the chapter and be familiar with the concepts before class. In class, she is finding that a lot of students haven’t read it (there are 40 of us) and there ends up being a discussion with about 10 students. It might be a good idea for her to sort of “recap” the reading for 15 minutes at the start of the class. It would refresh my memory, and then the students that had only skimmed the text wouldn’t be so quiet (hopefully). The instructor does take little “what I learned today” at the end of each class which I think is a good way for her to get feedback.

Digital Video – I shot my footage on the weekend. While shooting though, I realized just how boring my concept was. Ikes! So I kept the script, but I’m planning to give it a more interesting intro. My “Green” concept is Promoting Reusable Mugs; I have a regular day, guy walks into a coffee shop with a reusable mug, buys a coffee, leaves. So I’m going to use the first 30 seconds of the song Robots and Monkeys by The Ordinary Boys. It’s the perfect intro, and you won’t be able to hear the boooorrrring dialogue between the customer and the barista at Saltspring Coffee.

Saltspring Coffee was amazing! The manager at the café was super excited about it. Saltspring Co. has a cup made from corn that’s biodegradable (eventually). And they’ve made a lot of extra investments to get biodegradable plastics and paper. They are paying twice as much for garbage bags compared to other coffee shops.

We’ve had a bit of trouble stirring in the Flash class. As I mentioned before, we went into the class thinking that we would get to do what the Publishing students did last year. But we have a new Flash teacher, and everyone has their own ideas and concepts. I’m hoping that this situation will resolve. I tried to speak to the instructor about what I was interested in learning because he said that this goes both ways. He said that if there was something we wanted to learn, we should tell him. But we’ve only had one class and one lab so we’ll see for Thursday. I’m just very interested in making entire websites interactive with Flash media.

This is the first (any only) thing I’ve done with Flash: Parkview Estates Intro.