Hahah I just read a great thing in the Knitters Review Forum. Recently, one hot topic has been your yarn stash.

Someone posted about why we acquire so much yarn: “I’m curious about those of you who buy loads of yarn with no purpose for it. Do you buy it just to put in a basket and touch, squeeze, etc.? Do you buy it with the intention of using it someday? If so, how do you know how much to buy? Don’t you worry that you’ll buy too much and have lots of extra with nothing to do with it, or you’ll buy too little and not be able to complete your project?”

Then there was a reply: “Not *everyone* does it. I think we hear about it more because it’s interesting to talk about, and not very interesting to talk about the alternative. Sample blog entry: I didn’t buy any yarn today. Here’s a picture of my empty windowsill, because I did not put any new yarn there, and another picture of my closet, which is filled with perfectly normal non-yarn things. I think that I will not make anything with my non-yarn I did not buy. Here is a broken link to the non-pattern that I am not considering. It will probably fit much better than my last sweater, but I will have to wear a camisole under it to be decent in public. Tomorrow, I plan on not buying yarn again!”sanity101

So funny! Personally, I buy yarn with a project in mind sort of. Like, “this would make a really pretty scarf.” Or, “this is absolutely gorgeous and would be delicious as a blanket!” But not necessarily, “I should do the Spiderweb Capelet Pattern I saw in Stitch N’ Bitch Nation.”

Speaking of the Spiderweb Capelet – The yarn I ordered off eBay to finish the pattern arrived last week. I’ll post the story with photos when it’s complete.