My new amazing idea – Knit a FISH BLANKET! Omg… I love being part of the online Knitting Community… even if I’m just a wallflower, or is it fly? I dunno – whichever one just watches and never really comments because she can’t find an “in”. That one. Well, because of this amazing forum, I just discovered TESSELLATING FISH! (click the picture)

I’m going to knit them, and it’s going to be amazing… and I’m going to either make them glorious in colour-matching-harmony… or kill a lot of left-over yarn I have. I haven’t decided. Because I want it to be super-awesome, but at the same time, I have a lot of sad yarn. OR I COULD MAKE THEM RAINBOW FISH! WITH SOME OF THEM HAVING THAT METALLIC-FLECKED YARN!!!

That would be amazing! It’d be a tribute to Marcus Pfister’s book Rainbow Fish. I love the moral of the book, it starts out with Rainbow fish being all aloof and like “I don’t need you” to the other fish… and when the Little Blue Fish asks for a glittery scale, he tells them to leave him alone. He is too proud of his outer beauty and too preoccupied with being better than the other fish. Then he’s lonely and goes to the octopus and asks what he should do. The octopus tells him to share one glittering scale with all the fish and he will learn what it means to be happy. And he learns that sharing with all the other fish helped him gain friends and learn that what’s on the inside, and having people (or fish) around is what is important.

The more he gave away, the more delighted he became. When the water around him filled with glimmering scales, he at last felt at home among the other fish.

It reminds me of Big Al by Andrew Clements, another fish book. It was one of my favourites because this big, ugly fish was shunned by all the little minnows when he tried to make friends. They were scared of him because of how he looked, but then he ended up saving them from the fisherman’s net. And they realized he was a good fish to have around, and a nice one too.