“It’s about bloody time that RR saw Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and she loved it!” – Rachel

CW’s Mum’s birthday is three days before mine so I made her a pair of earrings at Country Beads on 4th today.

I also went to Duthie Books on 4th because I found a gift certificate that Jordana gave me a few years back. (Oops!) But they never expire – so I went and bought the Oxford Dictionary of World History. I’m gonna have fun looking up stuff! ^_^ I kinda wanted to get a “Concise History of the World” by National Geographic but it wasn’t so much narrative as it was table-format. But I am happy with my Oxford!

Then I went to the Doctor Vigari Gallery on Commericial because I had another gift certificate there (lost from a couple years back too). This was from Heidi of Public Dreams for all the help I gave her with Parade of the Lost Souls, Illuminares and Mountain Mardi Gras.

They are hand crafted by Alley Glassworks – artist Donna Williams. “I was first introduced to glass art whilst working with a friend in his glass foundry. I now work from my own small studio here on Mayne Island, where I handcraft individual pieces which are kiln fired by using the techniques of either fusing of slumping over molds. I find inspiration in colours, shapes and translucence of the glass and the ever changing play of light upon it.”