On Sunday the Superbowl was at my house… with my dad and “six or seven” other men drinking and farting and smoking and eating and ugh. So as tradition dictates, Mom and I went out for the day. With Bonnie in Germany, it was just the two of us this year. We went to Starbucks on Granville (well, I did) while mom went to La Vie En Rose. I’m not allowed to go to La Vie En Rose anymore; I don’t need any more panties or bras. (But I intend to go after Valentines and grab the sale bras!) I was knitting in Starbucks and keeping my eye on the comfy chairs for when the two occupants left. Well, the occupants left in a rush of people who consumed the chairs before I had a chance. Rawr

Mom and I then had dinner at Milestone’s (after a tad more shopping). I had (of course) the Hot Spinach and Artichoke Dip as my dinner. Mom had trouble saying chipotle but she had the Chipotle Chicken Quesadillas. Then we went to see Casino Royale at Paramount Theater on Burrard. I’m listening to the opening song right now – I love it actually! Chris Cornell – You Know My Name. Go listen.

As for Casino Royale, we liked it. Daniel Craig was a good Bond; definitely an improvement from Pierce Brosnan. In terms of the movie, once you sorted out what the hell was going on… it was pretty good. The whole first chunk up until Bond got scolded by M (after returning from Miami Airport) then things started to make sense. Dame Judi Dench is awesome. In terms of action – I was glad that Daniel Craig wasn’t Mr. Perfect as Brosnan tried to be. In the first chase scene when Daniel was following that guy through the construction area, he would stumble, fall, and misjudge jumps. Brosnan was always Shoot-Em-Up Perfect whilst womanizing. He was more of an asshole than suave. I would recommend Casino Royale.

I just finished watching The Queen. My mom works at a sound studio who do the voice recording for different movies and TV shows. They get to have the talent into the studio and stuff. So her boss got a copy of The Queen because he’s in the business and it’s been nominated for 6 Acadamy Awards. He lent the DVD to my mom to watch; occasionally some text appears at the bottom: “Property of Miramax Films. For screening purposes only.”

I really liked The Queen; it did an amazing job of putting Elizabeth II’s morals, thoughts and ideals through Helen Mirren. I had a bit of trouble following the figures (mainly because I’m not well versed in HRM business) but overall I enjoyed the movie. *begins shouting* I love Helen Mirren!! I love her! She is amazing! Watch Calendar Girls! I laughed so hard! *ahem*