Last night Rachel and I gussied ourselves up then went to a club to see Ginger and her boyfriend model in a fashion show. There was a party afterwards with 3 DJs in three different rooms. It was lots of fun. We met Ginger’s sisters as well as some of her other friends; one of her sisters is dating an albino British guy… haha he’s awesome. Laura and David from class were also there.

Ginger had been promoting this fashion show all week by telling people her boyfriend was going to be modelling underwear! She conveniently left out that one of her outfits involved her modelling underwear too! Hahah it was great though, some of the fashions (I didn’t take pictures of them all) would work on a normal day!

During the party, we went around to all three rooms to see all the DJs. I liked the lounge and bar upstairs best… mainly because it was a half-moon bar with a dance floor in a half-moon in the center and then seats on a raised outer section (also half-moon shaped). There were palm trees and mirrors in the Upstairs Lounge too. The only down side was the 4 guys that were hitting on Rachel (and sort of me)… except Rachel got the really drunk guy who was really dedicated to talking to her and hitting on her. The other three just came over to check up on drunk-guy (we named him Moses before we learned his real name was Tom). I met a guy named Josh who was limping around with a cane because he hurt his leg snowboarding in the Red Bull Challenge. He wanted to buy us shots (I just told them I was the designated driver, because I don’t like the taste, even though we were taking a cab). Moses/Tom did buy Rachel a shot and she ordered me a shot of water so I could take part – the bartender gave me a shot of cranberry juice. Josh came to check up on Tom and tried to lead him away because Tom was seriously attached to Rachel. All-in-all it was a fun night though.

I took photos of Ginger and Adrian modelling in the fashion show:

The fashion title was something about Wearable-Edible Kitchen Fashions.

Ginger! Your underwear is showing!

Adrian’s friends were on the other side cheering him!

The shawl was made of wool

Some part of this dress was yellow kitchen sponges (Rachel claims)

Adrian in his underwear… strutting down the catwalk.

Adrian mooning the photographers and the video cameras!

The Pink Panther leading everyone outside to see the fireshow (while they striked all the Fashion show stuff and set up for the DJs)