Here’s a fun drinking game that Vincent taught us:

King’s Cup – Use a deck of cards, everyone has a full glass, and there is one empty in the centre. Lay all the cards out face down. Each person takes a turn and draws the card.

Ace – Waterfall: the person who drew has to start drinking and everyone else has to follow. They are only allowed to stop when the person to their right stops.

Two – Pick someone to give two shots/gulps to. Can be two different people (one each)

Three – You have to take three gulps/shots.

Four – Rule Card. You get to make up a rule such as Quacking after each sentence, or any card higher than 4 you have to get up and then bow to Kas. If you forget AND the person who made the rule catches you (before next card/sentence) you must take a drink.

Five – Theme. Pick a theme, then you go around the circle and say something to fit in it. Such as sex toys, fantasies, board games, nationalities. The first person to repeat has to drink or the first person to hestitate for a while.

Six – Story. One-word-story-game. Each person says one word to make the story. The person who screws up and it cease makes sense has to drink. Or if you hesitate for a long while.

Seven – BULLSHIT! Start counting around the circle. If you’re supposed to say seven, a multiple of seven, or a number with seven in it… say BULLSHIT instead. Don’t and you drink. Hesitate too long and you drink.

Eight – Bathroom FREE card. Did we mention as soon as the game starts… you can’t go to the bathroom? Well you can’t. So here’s how you can! Draw an 8!
Nine – Thumbs. The person who drew it gets to choose a special time to put their right thumb on the floor in front of them (in view). Everyone must follow and the last person to have their thumb down has to drink. Void if someone picks up another nine before they’ve used up their Thumbs.

Ten – “I have never…” Anyone who has done whatever you haven’t, gets to drink.

Jack – Boys drink.

Queen – Girls drink.

King – You get to add something (drinkable) into the cup in the centre. (Usually alcohol). The person who draws the fourth KING gets to DRINK THE ENTIRE CUP!