Friday: Happy 18th Birthday Solly!

Saturday: Happy 18th Birthday Anna!

Sunday: Happy 18th Birthday Evan!

On Friday night, Anna, Kas, Eka, Janice, Nigel, Leana and I went to Solly’s birthday party. He had it on Main in the place we learned to ballroom dance for Anna’s birthday last year. Well, it was $10 cover, no alcohol, no drugs, his parents were helping keep it clean and Solly was DJing with a friend. Turns out that Solly forgot to tell me the theme: Your Favourite Porn Star.

Eka and I left after a half hour. That was about as much as we could handle; we showed up and respectfully stayed that long… not that respect seemed to matter much in that atmosphere. It was just a littlebitlittlebit slutty…. and by littlebitlittlebit I mean that’s how short their skirts were. Honestly, they were dressed like pornstar/prostitutes! The guys were lifting up skirts (not that they needed to) as these 15/16 year olds were grinding into each other. There were “dancing platforms” that Solly had built – neat idea, bad combination with the lack of ass-coverage.

One guy came over and gave us all hugs when we first arrived — creepy! He was like “I’m a porn star!” because he’d written the word ‘pornstar’ on his white wifebeater with a Sharpie marker. He started grinding into Kas, who turns around and asks, “How old are you?” His answer: Grade 11. She dances/moves away… so he moves over to Janice and begins to grind. Apparently ‘Pornstar’ returned several times during the evening. The rest of them (minus Eka and I) stayed for over 2 hours.