Return of the King opened today and I got to see it. About two and a half weeks ago I preordered the tickets for my mom and I to see it for her birthday at Famous Players Silvercity Riverport. Its about a half hour drive away; it’s in Richmond. Anyway, so mom picks me up at lunch, I’m skipping my last two classes. We’re gonna go to lunch and see the 3:45 showing. Well we get there and the 2:30 isn’t sold out, it was 1pm then. Mom says we should change it, and all through lunch I’m panicing about seats and whatnot. I’m getting all worry-wartish. My mom said I’m better at being a worry-wart than her! So I gobble down my lunch (stomach ache insues) we get in there, we get good seats (wow) and we sit. and wait and wait.

Then at like 3:00 they tell us that they have to cancell the showing because they can’t get the thing to work. They refund our tickets and I started leaking. Yes my eyes were tearing up and I was quite upset. So much for a birthday afternoon right? Well my mom and I had our heart sets on it. So we look in the paper then head over to Alliance Atlantis Fifth Avenue Cinemas. And the showing for 4:00 (15 minutes after our original, original time at Riverport), isn’t sold out. So we get tickets and go in. Unfortunately because mom forgot to lock the car, she missed the first part. (side note: jimmy was in that showing and spotted me and got confused. i had to explain in short that the showing i went to got cancelled. he asked about anna and i said she went to a different time)

I will admit that I wasn’t expecting to be blown away by this film. I was scared they couldn’t be historically (shhh… i know its not real history) accurate to the books. They had so much to fit in after they stopped the Two Towers movie before the books would have finished. And then the Return of the King just has so much to it!

I really liked that they showed how Smeagol killed his cousin Deagol for the ring in the first place. And really how he came to aquire it. And then how it ended up corrupt Smeagol into Gollum. It was excellent and Andy Serkis is great!

When Gandalf, Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli head to Isengard, I knew that Christopher Lee’s Saruman was not in the films. (Rumour was confirmed)… anyway, so I knew that part of it wouldn’t be displayed. I liked how they created Pippin picking up the palantir and later being drawn to it to just hold and look at it. I have no complaints about that section and it split Merry and Pip up fairly truthfully.

The whole bit with Shelob did have me confused for a bit. I knew Shelob was supposed to stun Frodo. I was not expecting Frodo to tell Sam to “go home” on the stairs, or for Gollum to fall off the stairs like that. Anyway, I was really shocked when Frodo got out of Shelobs lair. But when I saw her sneaking up on him, I hate to admit it but I said “thank god!” Not because I don’t like Frodo – I love Frodo. Just because I enjoyed the books so much and I read them before I saw the movies (my goal, and I almost did it – two chapters from the end of the Fellowship when I went to see it.)

What they cut out from Frodo being stunned to Sam finding Frodo (he was supposed to be completely naked), did work. It wasn’t too terribly vital to the story line. And then their battle with Gollum on Mount Doom was almost exactly how I imagined it. I invisioned less struggling though. I thought Gollum was just gonna sneak up and bite it off. I did find it interesting that they bit of the pointer finger. Anna told me that in ancient Rome, the ring finger was sometimes the middle or the pointer, not the 4th finger we consider to be the ring finger today.

When Aragorn went through the Paths of the Dead, I invisioned it differently too. I thought he was supposed to go with all the Dúnedain, but perhaps I’m mistaken. I did like when Elrond showed up with the reforged sword, although that I don’t remember either. Granted, its a very complex and detailed story and book and I might not have picked up on some things.

I did love the Gimli/Legolas humour of course! I also loved how they stayed so true with Denethor burning a pire with Faramir on it. Pippin alerting Gandalf and them saving Faramir (who wasn’t dead) and Denethor burning alive. And I also liked how Eowyn rode into battle with the Rohirrim bringing Merry along when Theoden said he could not come. And the whole Eowyn devoted to Theoden before he dies, and Merry staying loyal to Eowyn when she confronted the Nazgûl Witch-king. What else did I love? Just overall how they kept the main ideas in. They got Rohan to ride to Gondor for aid, and Aragorns coming to the throne. The eagles coming to the rescue and bringing Gandalf to Mount Doom to bring Frodo and Sam home again. Eagles always come when time is in dire need.

If I had to pick a favourite part in the films, all three they would be as follows:

The Fellowship of the Ring: Bilbo’s 111th Birthday Party.

The Two Towers: When Haldir shows up at Helm’s Deep and says, “I bring word from Elrond of Rivendell. An alliance once stood between Elves and Men. Long ago we fought and died together. I have come to honour that allegience.”

The Return of the King: I haven’t seen it enough times to pick… I’ll make sure to inform you when I decide!

And one last thing: Elijah Wood was on Conan O’Brien tonight. He said that Dominic Monaghan (Merry) and him had a drinking contest once. He said that Dom, being English could hold the yeager meisters (spelling???) better than he could and won. He said that after they went to the New Zealand equivilent of a 711. And that he [Elijah] wanted porn and chocolate. And they gave it to him. And he said that when he got back to Dom’s place, he dropped the porn and choclate on the floor and slept. I found that absolutely hilarious!

Ooh okay that wasn’t the last thing. Did I mention Elijah hosted SNL last Saturday. DAMN that was a good episode. Frodo and Gollum get a flat in Denver!! lol! and I liked the choirboys bit. and I really liked him as Jai the Culture Guy when they did a Queer Eye for the Straight Guy skit. They made over Santa Clause and “Jai” was just like ‘eye-contact. look into my eyes.’ It was good and one of the guys from the actual show, Ted, was there! JC Fallon was Carson the Fashion Guy.

Okay I’m done.