this evening mother and i saw the shakespearian play The Comedy of Errors at Bard on the Beach. its a Shakespeare Festival. it was really good. it started with a father saying how he needed to find his son. his wife had given birth to twin boys. and this lady in the village had also given birth to twins. but she was too poor to keep her sons so the father bought them. and they would be attendants to his twins. but then they were on a boat and a storm threw one of his twins, on of the slave twins and his wife overboard. and he hasn't seen them since.

then we continue to this little town and the two men that didn't get thrown overboard are on the stage. its a master named Antipholous and his slave, Dromeo have just arrived. and they get into QUITE a confusion. apparently Antipholous has a wife, and so does Dromeo, and everyone in the town appears to know them and so on and so fourth. and its not until the end that everything gets sorted out. its really good. i want to read the play now!

it was really funny and the dude the played Dromeo that didn't get shipwrecked was really funny. there were some perverted humour parts but it kinda fit in with it. and they had some funny little scuffles with everyone it was neat the way it was like a choreographed dance of sorts.